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Saqqa & Khoudary co. (SAK) was established according to the Palestinian Companies' Law as a private limited company (Ltd) with a capital of US$18,000,000. SAK is a member of the Palestinian Contractors Union under membership No. 184 IG, and classifies SAK as Grade "FIRST A" in the field of roads and buildings and as Grade "FIRST'' in the fields of electro-mechanic, water and wastewater. With annual turnover of nearly $25 Million, SAK designs, builds and manages large-scale capital-intensive strategic infrastructure projects. The company employs some 500 people. Around 80 out of them are permanent full-time employees distributed in managerial, engineering, accounting, finance, technical and administrative positions. SAK is able to provide a complete life of asset solution from design, engineering, procurement and construction management, through to operations and maintenance.Our engineers are located throughout the country, in West Bank and Gaza, enabling us to provide a total services in construction engineering and management. Complemented by programme and project managers, we deliver projects on time, to budget and quality standards.

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Gaza Office
Palestine - Gaza - East Road No. (4)
Phone: 08-2454420
Fax: 08-2454421
Email: sak@sak1.com

WestBank Office
Ramaallah - Nazeeh Qura Street
Phone: 08-2454420
Fax: 08-2454421
Email: sak@sak1.com